A special quality from Saxony and Thuringia

In the meantime, a special and also again a quantitative important race is the heavy warm blood horse. Thereby we looked almost to the end of the pure breed of heavy warm blood horses. That was due to ambitions to change the breeding program to a riding horse. This leaded to a governmental forbiddance of the pure breed of the heavy warm blood horse. The then-mayor land stud equerry Dr. Herta Steiner is to owe that next to mares from passionate breeders also a few stallions could escape from castration. After 1980, the demand of horses for driving activities came up again. Due to that these few breeding horses came "out of the box ". A population developed which impressed, next to driving ablity and positive locomotion aspects, with vitality, fertility, character and almost only dark colour. Because of these aspects the breed is high in demand and leaded to a little Renaissance after 1990. Nowadays over 1000 mares are registered in Saxony and Thuringia and with that good material other breeding districts are influenced. For instance the original breeding area Old-Oldenburg/east Frisian. Also because of the strict pure breed the "Moritzburger" are very popular in other breeding areas. The balance and heredity reliability, which developed because of hard selection, is highly appreciated.

The heavy warm blood in the sport

The heavy warm blood horses always give a proof of their sportive suitability: There are part of almost every competition in the world that is related to driving and medals. In the previous years heavy warm blood horses won medals at almost every national and international Championships. Peak of the year 2004 were the German championships in driving with two horses. Mario Junghans won this championship with his mares Erbin, Elvira and Felizia. Also the competitors at the second, the fourth and two further positions, within the first 10, were formed by heavy warm blood horses.

To put he offspring horses of the race into accurate light a federal championship of the heavy warm blood horse takes place in Moritzburg, since 2002. In dependence and completion on the Federal championships in Warendorf this activity became a really event for driving sport fans and attracts more and more people each year. In 2005, the event became completed by the federal championship for German driving ponies for the first time.