A Partner for all disciplines

The Change in breeding to a modern sport horse started in Saxony before more than 40 years. In the first instance this happened because of the input of English thoroughbreds.

Furthermore, riding horse stallions and Trakehner were used. For that reasons the Saxon breeding district possess a consolidated foundation of mares, which stand out for attributes like, health, fertility, a strong character and willingness to perform.

The Breeding program of the ?German Sport Horse? , how riding horses are called since 2002, is practised in cooperation with the Breeding associations of Saxony ? Anhalt and Berlin ? Brandenburg.

The foundation of mares (ca. 6500) that came out of that breeding program is continuously improved in sportive, locomotive and elasticity aspects, by the input of modern and blood stamped stallions.

In combination with the previous described attributes of the mare foundation desirable products are developed, which undersign that by adequate success.


The cooperation with the Saxon stud Moritzburg and the Saxon main stud Graditz turns out to be a huge benefit for the breeding of riding horses.

If necessary it would be possible to direct the breeding program also independent from economical interests, by buying, leasing and upbringing of interesting stallions.


A further cooperation takes place, with the previous mentioned Breeding associations, concerning commercialization activities. The ? Showcase of the bests ? (? Schaufenster der besten ?) , as an elite selling event leaded to prices beside all imaginations for the qualitative Youngsters.

That is for sure a further big mile stone on the long journey to the crown of horse breeding.