The Horse Breeding Association of Saxony-Thüringen e.V. would like to introduce itself

In April 2005 the horse breeders of Saxony and Thüringen merged together into one Association. Along with its numerous successful sport horses, the association continues to impress with its new offspring.

The story of horse breeding in the free states of Saxony and Thüringen can be traced back to the 9 century through written documents. It is a story of more or less unintentional breeding, which was shaped overtime by a number of princedoms and their associated breeding farms. The unintentional increase in breeding gave way to the founding of Stud Farms in the Kingdom of Saxony. Today the breeding facility Monestary Altzella from Nossen still remains as one of the founded farms. With the separation of Saxony in 1815 came the loss of the Stud Farm in Torgau, however, because of the loss in Torgau the Stud Farm in Graditz was created and has become the main Stud Farm in Saxony today. Afterwards, in 1828 the benevolent King Anton decided to establish a stud farm in the stables of the Hunting Castle in Moritzburg. The state of Thüringen gradually replaced old studs with new studs with the help of cooperative Stud establishments. By the late 1950’s breeders in Thüringen were also able to acquire studs, first with the help of the breeding facility in Halle/Kreuz and later through Moritzburg, which remains so today.

In the years 1920 and 1921 respectively, the Saxony Studbook and the Thüringen State Association of Horse Breeders were founded. They determined the standard of horse breeding in both Saxony and Thüringen to the middle of the 20th century. After World War II the Southern Horse Breeding Delegation became centralized by the state. In the course of political change in 1990 the two previous associations, Saxony and Thüringen were revived. Shortly thereafter, in the month of July 1990 the Horse Breeding Association of Thuringen and the Horse Breeding Association of Saxony were established. The two associations, who had worked together closely before, merged together on April 16, 2005 to form one association. The merger of the two associations has allowed for the capacity and ability to serve every individual breeder. The association is made up of 4,000 members and approximately 6,200 breeding horses, which includes around 30 recognized horse breeds. The largest breed population in the association is the German Sport Horse, whose breeding is regulated together with the associations of Sachsen-Thüringen, Sachsen-Anhalt, and Berlin-Brandenburg.

The promotion of young horses as well as young riders is an important investment for the association. This is evident through the success of the young breeders in both national and international competitions. The Thüringer team won the State Young Breeders competition in Southern Germany in 2004. In the years 2001, 2002, and 2004 the Saxony Young Breeders team also won the breeding competition in Southern Germany, along with their most prominent win, the WBFSH International Young Breeder Competition in Verden, Germany. In the future, the association hopes that this great potential shown by the young breeders will help in the horse breeding sector as well as in numerous competitions to come.

The young talented horses are promoted through a training support fund, which is run by the Horse Breeding Association and the Promotional Association “SFP”. The goal of the Association is to create an optimal training program in which young talented horses get the chance to be trained to their highest abilities by top riders. In addition, young riders as well as young horses are promoted through this support fund. They receive the opportunity to ride horses out of their region in competitions throughout Germany. A very successful pony that was promoted by the Training Support Fund is Tatsache, who won the most 4 and 5 year old eventing competitions in 2003 and 2004 and qualified for the Bundeschampionship in Warendorf; in almost all cases Tatsache was ridden by talented young riders out of the Saxony and Thüringen area. In the future the association would also like to promote young riders in combination with horses.

The Saxony-Thüringen Horse Breeding Association e.V. works closely with partner associations in regards to the events and marketing sector. The association has assisted the group of Southern German Horse Breeding Associations since 2004 with the organization of the Southern German Stallion Days in Munich, which has proven to be a very successful event. The sport horse and foal champions are always gladly shown by the Saxony and Thüringen breeders at these presentations and sales. In cooperation with the East German Horse Breeding Association, the Saxony-Thüringen Association e.V. organizes the “Showcase of the Best” event every year in November. This highlight event, which falls every year in November, produces more and more records in regards to the number of horse sales and their pertinent prices.

Through the numerous affiliations with other breeding associations, the members of the Saxony-Thüringen Association have a wide variety of interesting events at which they may present their horses and if they so choose place them on the market. In the near future, the association plans to dedicate an even larger amount of time and energy in the marketing sector, public relations and service features. This is necessary to keep up with the increasing competitiveness between other associations and to keep the association attractive for old and new breeders alike. Additionally, cooperation with other associations will play an increasingly larger roll in the future.